Your Ultimate Guide to Breast Enhancement

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Reasons for Undergoing Breast Surgery

Different reasons compel people to undergo some form of breast modification but, ultimately, it’s the need to be happy with themselves that leads people to make the decision to have their breasts enhanced. Here are some of the top reasons:

  • Micromastia. A medical condition where the breasts do not grow or fully develop during puberty. While hardly an abnormality, being ‘flat chested’ results often results in a feeling of embarrassment for some women.
  • Asymmetrical breasts. In nature, beauty is often based on symmetry; so understandably, this condition can have a huge impact on someone’s appearance and confidence levels. Having uneven levels of estrogen is the most common reason for asymmetrical breasts.
  • Post-pregnancy and sudden weight loss. Having a baby could disfigure a woman’s breasts. Breasts constantly change size during lactation, sometimes leaving them deflated and causing them to sag afterwards. Similarly, anyone who’s lost significant weight could face similar issues with their breasts.
  • Wanting to have a better sex life. There is no denying that the promise of a more exciting sex life is one of the main reasons to have the breasts enhanced. After all, to really enjoy sex, one has to feel sexy about oneself.
  • Post-mastectomy. Serious health concerns, such as cancer, sometimes require the removal of one or both breasts. Often, undergoing a mastectomy makes the person feel “incomplete,” and getting a cosmetic procedure done can often resolve the problem.
  • To boost self-esteem. Your level of confidence determines how much you achieve in life.

The  world can be a scary place, and you sometimes find yourself in need of a little boost. Perhaps, some people may feel the for need rounder or more shapely breasts, or for a larger cup size to feel happy about themselves.

Based on the Rosenberg  Self-Esteem Scale (RSES), a widely used self-esteem measuring method in social science research, people who’ve had some breast enhancement done were found to have gained about 3 points on the average on their happiness level scores.

Whatever the main reason for wanting it, breast enhancement is something that you should always decide to do only for yourself, and not for anyone else.

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Different Breast Enhancement Methods

There are many different options out there — some options are less invasive, others, more drastic. You can choose to enhance your breasts either naturally or surgically.

Surgical Breast Augmentation

Plastic surgery is probably the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of augmentation. Though risky and invasive, it is by far the surest way to get results. It can also be quite expensive, and since it is a cosmetic procedure, most insurance companies won’t cover it.

Surgically altering the shape, size, or structure of breasts using implants is called mammoplasty. There are two types of breast implants currently used:

  1. Saline-filled implants. These are silicone shells filled with sterile saline (salt water). Many complain that this type of implant does not feel natural, but it is the least expensive and safest option for breast implants. In the event that the saline implants should rupture, the salt water is absorbed by and naturally extracted from the body.
  2. Silicone gel-filled implants. Silicone shells are filled with either plastic gel (silicone), or silicone and other types of fillers. They give a more natural feel as compared to saline implants, but they may also potentially be more risky and could cause infection if they leak.

Like all surgeries, Breast augmentation can pose significant risks, such as:

  • Superficial scarring, i.e., scar tissues form and harden in the area around the implant
  • Bleeding
  • Infection
  • Changes in sensation, or pain in the breasts
  • Asymmetric breasts
  • Ruptured implants and related complications

Having breast implants may also contribute to your chances of having breast cancer. It also makes it hard to do mammograms and, if you get pregnant, it could become difficult for you to breastfeed.

The good thing is, if you feel that breast implants are not for you, there are less invasive options available.

Natural Breast Enhancement Methods

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Wearing the Right Clothes

Sometimes, just putting on the right clothes and choosing the right support undergarments is enough to do the trick. Proper support can enhance your form and allows for maximum comfort as well. Here is a popular infographic by her room about different bras and breast types that could help:

Exercise, massage, and diet

Since the breasts are situated over the pectoral (chest) muscles, exercising the pectorals can affect the way they sit. Physical exercises involving arm and shoulder movement tone the skin and muscle tissues around the chest, resulting in firmer breasts that may appear bigger.

Certain massage techniques and acupressure may also help firm up the breasts by allowing better circulation.

Adding foods high in estrogen can also aid breast enlargement. Cashews and almonds, berries and plums, some grains, seeds, herbs, and spices have high estrogen content and are easily absorbed by the body. In fact, most breast enlargement supplements base their concepts upon this fact.

Breast Enhancement Supplements

Of course, having to consciously adapt your diet around high-estrogen foods can be tedious and impractical — and this is where supplementation comes in. Supplements for breast enlargement may come in the form of oral medication (pills) or as creams.

How Do Supplements Work?
  1. Breast Enhancement Pills: Since estrogen plays an important role in enlarging the breasts, the main idea is  to derive estrogen from raw ingredients and create a formula to help balance the hormone levels in your body: The premise being, the more estrogen in you, the bigger the breasts you’ll have. For plant- based supplements, phyto-estrogen hormones and other vitamins are extracted from herbs such as fenugreek, fennel seeds, saw palmetto, and flax seeds, to name a few. Progesterone is yet another hormone that can also, it has been claimed, affect the size of your breasts. Spices such as turmeric, thyme, and oregano are said to be progesterone-rich. While these plants are indeed rich in such hormones, however, several studies have concluded that phyto-estrogen alone does not enhance breast growth.Animal-based supplements, on the other hand, are made from glandular extracts from the organs of different animals. They may contain enzymes, vitamins, fatty acids, amino acids, minerals, neurotransmitters, nutrients and, of course, hormones. The concept behind how these work is that, similar glands may affect each other in the same way. For breast enlargement, dehydrated bovine (or cow) ovaries are commonly used to stimulate the pituitary gland, which is an important gland for breast growth. Placenta from pigs and sheep are also commonly used.
  2. Breast Enhancement creams: Many plant- and animal-based ingredients in pills are similarly used in creams, the main difference being the manner of absorption. While breast enhancement pills work internally, creams are applied topically and are absorbed by the body through the skin. Volufiline, a trademarked cosmetic substance, is a popular ingredient used in most breast enhancement creams.  It’s main ingredient, Sarsasapogenin, is part of some chemical compounds from plants (saponin),  that is used to synthesize other forms of steroids.Using pill and cream supplements for breast enlargement requires that you religiously follow a regular schedule or application ritual for it to work — and there is a significant amount of time before you get to see results, if any.

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Are There Side-Effects?

Whether or not they prove effective, it is always recommended that you check that the supplements you take are FDA-approved. Also, note that some herbs may affect the effectiveness of some prescribed medications. They may also cause allergies or serious drug interactions, so be sure to consult your doctor first.

Other Breast Enhancers

Although not approved for breast enhancement, certain prescription drugs may also encourage breast enlargement. Birth control pills used as contraception or for estrogen hormone therapy are a popular option, as are antidepressants like Prozac.

Whether you choose to go natural or to take the surgical approach, it is important to do thorough research and to go through your chosen procedure as informed and prepared as possible. Always make your safety and health your top priority.

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