Stretch Out With The Top Yoga Pants Options of 2017

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People who do not practice yoga, or do not have acquaintances who are involved in this discipline, probably don’t get the whole fuss about yoga pants. Serious practitioners of yoga treat these pants as non-negotiable necessities in an exercise routine. Others regard yoga pants as sexy and fashionable attire, and might even want to get a pair for such a purpose.

Vital Equipment

While they are surely useful in making a fashion statement, yoga pants are first and foremost exercise equipment. They don’t just make you look fabulous when doing yoga; they actually help you do a fulfilling and safe workout. Yoga should not be done in shorts or just leotards because it is important for one’s knees, buttocks, or any other part of the leg that makes contact with the yoga mat to be cushioned somewhat and protected from abrasion that could lead to skin soreness or other sources of discomfort.  Yoga pants are also distributed by known names in sports equipment as in the case of the Spalding Women’s Boot-Leg Yoga Pants.

At the same time, yoga attire should never constrain the wearer from the full range of motion that is characteristic of a proper exercise routine. Thus, the material should be stretchable on two axes, or 4-way stretchable, meaning up-and-down, and also side-to-side.

What might be the most important attribute of a good pair of yoga pants is their comfort. They should actually make you enjoy your yoga sessions and look forwards to future ones.  Thus, they should not be too sheer that they offer no protection from cold drafts, yet not be too warm and toasty that they make you overheat or perspire excessively. They should also be able to absorb or blot up excess perspiration. The versatility of these garments such as the lineup available from Manstore enables you to use them for various other sports and fitness regimens.

To accomplish all this, the pants have to be made of an interweave or blend of natural and synthetic fibers such wool, polyester, nylon, cotton, and lycra spandex. Apart from being stretchy, these fabrics also present a smooth, silky look when worn. Yes, you surely MIGHT look like a television superhero or a Star Fleet officer in a Star Trek movie in such attire, but these characters wear such fabrics for pretty much the same reasons a yoga practitioner would: looking amazing while engaging in extreme physical feats. A single product line such as 90 Degree By Reflex could offer yoga pants made of varying combinations of fabric blends.

Necessary Features

Of course, not just any pants made out of the appropriate material qualify as yoga pants. As yoga pants are meant to promote freedom of movement, they should be cut to follow a person’s contour, and not bag out at the crotch or knees. It is the body-hugging characteristic of these pants that make them seem so sexy. A well-equipped distributor such as Prolific Health Fitness would offer a range of sizes and color options to suit any user.

They should also be constructed without the practical but uncomfortable design features of regular pants or slacks. These include cuffs, belt hoops, pockets, rivets, patches, zippers, and even buttons. Lacking the usual means of fastening the garment around one’s waist, these pants use, instead, an elastic top that is folded over after putting the pants on so that the garter does not place any excessive pressure on one’s waist or hips, or cause itchiness on the skin. Drawstrings are a lot less benign than buttons and hooks, but can also cause discomfort in certain positions when the bulgy knot presses against the skin.

The height at which the top of the yoga pants go depends on the preference of the user. While some like that low-waist seductive look, others enjoy the practicality of apparel like the Lookatool Yoga Sport Pants which incorporate hidden pockets in the high waistband. This is the same design principle of the Viosi Yoga Pants which provide concealed elastic pockets that can accommodate your car keys and even your smart phone.

Yoga pants should also not go all the way down to one’s feet where they can cause snagging or bunching up at the ankles or heels as tights often do. Many of the more popular designs are of the capri cut, meaning they end a few inches above the ankle. Others come in full length which means they cover the entire leg, ending just above the foot. When doing yoga, it is best to be barefoot, or equipped with grippy soled yoga socks that prevent you from sliding around on the mat when doing certain exercises. You don’t want your yoga pants to interfere with the soles of your feet unless you intentionally require a pair with stirrups.

Looking Fabulous

For what it’s worth, owning gear that makes you want to exercise is a good thing. Whether you want to show your stuff off to other people at the yoga session, you want to wear what everyone else is wearing so you can fit in, or you just feel really awesome when you wear your yoga pants such that it makes you do more yoga, you’ve got irrefutable reasons for wanting to go out and get a few pairs for yourself.

The variety of colors and styles that yoga pants now come in seems limitless. To start with, it’s usually a good idea to have a minimalist pair in black, which is regarded as a default color for exercise, gym, and dance sessions. Lululemon Yoga Pants come in stylish black and gray combinations. There are a lot of less staid designs, though, sometimes with interesting prints or color combinations, such as the sleek and chic iLoveSIA Women’s Yoga Pants.

Then, of course, there are people who wear yoga pants even if they never do any yoga at all. These garments are truly fashionable and flattering to a man or woman’s figure, especially in the area of the derriere.  Exercise attire like the Newport Blvd Stretchy Yoga Pants are useful for exercise, and still manage to turn heads on the streets with their reckless 1970s vibe. We can never dismiss the great work that apparel like the Yoga Reflex Women’s Tummy Control Running Pants can do in accentuating a person’s pleasant curves while suppressing the undesirable bulges.

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