The Ultimate Guide to Butt Enhancement

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Reasons for Butt Enhancement

Long gone are the days of women working hard to attain buns of steel — today’s women are leaning more towards embracing the much softer curves they were born with. Some women seem to have won the genetic lottery, with such desirable physical traits that people can’t help but  turn their heads for a second lingering look. Others, however, aren’t quite as lucky, and need help in enhancing the physical traits their mothers passed onto them — but that is not altogether a bad thing, either.

The sad news is, even if you were born with perfect perky buttocks, pregnancy and aging will eventually take a toll on the body unless, of course, you step in and do something to temporarily keep those changes at bay.  Women who opt for butt enhancement do so because it makes them look good. Moreover, knowing that they are attractive definitely makes them feel happier and much more confident about themselves.

You can choose to achieve your perfectly shaped butt through diet and exercise, butt lifts, butt implants, or butt enhancement pills and creams.  You are, after all, free to explore whichever option is the most comfortable for you.  Here’s a quick and easy guide to a few of them.

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Surgical Butt Enhancement Options

Warning, surgical butt enhancement comes with many risks. Learn more: Risks of Big Butt Surgery.

The quickest way to see the biggest change in your derriere is to undergo a butt enhancement surgical procedure. It is also the most costly, so a lot of women and men who commit to the procedure also commit themselves to the succeeding care and maintenance that each type of procedure will require. These procedures are long-lasting — averaging around ten years before new surgery will be needed to replace implants, or to re-inject fatty tissues, or re-sculpt the buttocks in case too much fat has re-accumulated. Here are a few of the more popular butt enhancement surgical procedures.

Traditional Butt Lift without Implants

This usually involves liposuction of excess fatty tissues to give a better butt contour. This is followed by skin excision, where excess skin is surgically removed and the rest is shaped over the butt to give it a tighter look. Sometimes, even the gluteal muscles may be tightened as well, depending on what the patient wants and what the doctor recommends.

This procedure is usually done on people with sagging buttocks and on those who would like an uplifted and more sculpted behind.

Butt Lift and Augmentation with Implants

This procedure works really well if you need implants to give shape to an otherwise flat or poorly defined butt. Some people are not genetically wired to store fat tissue in their behinds, or were just not born with an ample butt to begin with.

There are two main types of implants: water-based implants, usually filled with a sterile saline solution, and the currently popular solid silicone implants. The saline implants are thought of a safe option because, in rare cases of it rupturing, the body will simply absorb the released liquid with little to no negative impact. The silicone implants come in a solid shape that is both firm but flexible, giving a more realistic feel and look to an enhanced behind.  Needless to say, you don’t have to worry about any leaks or tears from a solid silicone implant.

Autologous Fat Transfer or Brazilian Butt Lift

This procedure takes unwanted excess fat from one or several parts of your body and then transfers it to your buttocks to plump it up after going through a purification treatment.  It’s both a liposuction and butt augmentation but using your own fatty tissues as the implants.

While still considered an invasive form of surgery, the upside is that no foreign object is being inserted into your body.  This lessens the chances of your body rejecting the implant and causing medical complications. The downside is that not all of the transferred fat cells will survive and these just go back into the body  Your body may even re-absorb and make use of some of the fat cells injected into the butt.  This is why the doctor may put in more fatty tissue to account for these possibilities.

Non-Surgical Butt Enhancement Options

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Butt Enhancing Clothing

Maybe you would like to have that desirable derriere without changing your actual body. Or you are in the process of working on a diet and exercise program for a bigger butt and would like to see what the end results could be eventually. There are a lot of clothing options, both underwear and outerwear, that can help fake what you don’t have.

You could get panties that work like push-up bras for your butt. They lift your butt cheeks to give a perkier, plumped up look. Or you could try padded underwear to add volume to what you already have. There are even padded jeans that work the same way. These are all fun clothing options to help you fill out a body-hugging dress or tight pair of jeans. These pieces can give you an idea what you could look forward to after your workout program, diet plan, supplement regime, or surgical procedure.

Butt Enhancement Cream and Pills

These are among the safest way of butt enhancement because nearly all the butt enhancing creams and pills on the market use similar all-natural herbal ingredients that have been historically and clinically shown to stimulate fat cell growth as well as improving skin condition and appearance.

They usually come in a set of both creams and pills that work their magic from inside and outside the body.  They also work wonderfully in conjunction with a butt-building & toning exercise plan and a diet program that boosts estrogen production.  It is the estrogen hormone that will drive the body to produce more fat cells that can be directed to your butt through a butt enhancing exercise program.

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Risks of Butt Enhancement

Anything you do to physically change your body carries with it the possibility of potentially unpleasant and unwanted side effects or complications.  Butt enhancement surgeries could cause numerous medical scenarios that include infection, implant migration, bleeding, poor wound healing, skin necrosis, chronic pain, butt asymmetry, toxicity from anaesthesia, and so many more.  Since you are putting your life in the hands of the doctor, perform due diligence and do your research on the procedure beforehand.

Butt enhancement pills and creams carry much less risk because high-quality and clinically tested ones use all-natural ingredients that hardly have any negative side effects.  But again, do your research on how the individual ingredients may give an allergic reaction or contradict any prescription medication you are taking. And always follow the directions provided by the doctor in using these products.

Satisfaction with Butt Enhancement

You are the only one who can say if you are completely happy with the end results of your butt enhancing efforts. Whether it comes through quick procedures or after weeks of creams, pills, diets, and exercise, the final judge of success is you.

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