How to Love Your Skin–Top 10 Skin Care Treatments

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Depending on your skin type and skin issues, you may consider treatments from magic serums, clinical peels, injectables, anti aging , or laser surgeries. Today however, for the purpose of this article, we’ll stick to regular topical skin care treatments instead. Soon, you’ll learn that It really doesn’t take much to love your skin.

Because the skin serves as the main protective barrier of our body and is in fact our largest organ, how it appears, greatly reflect our health and beauty.A clear ,flawless skin indicates a good overall wellness for our body. It is undeniable that the level of confidence of having a beautiful, clear, flawless, and youthful skin allows us to feel desirable and happy. However, because there are many factors that may affect the condition of our skin, such as genetics and environmental exposure, we may have a constant fluctuation of love-hate relationship with our skin.A few skin care treatments to help keep every layer in good condition is necessary in order to maintain the perfect complexion.

Know Your Skin Type

Before you can even begin to list up your must-have products and figure out your step by step routine, like with everything else, the best way to approaching your skin issues, is first, to understand it; understand its needs depending on which type you have.  Basically, there are four categories for skin type; namely: normal, dry,oily, and combination.  Your skin type may  change over time, depending on factors such as the environment ,your diet, your age and lifestyle.

When choosing a product for your skin, always be looking for skin-type specific formulas, and cleanse with the right type of products. You don’t want to be fueling sebum production with oil-based formulas, or cause further scaling by exfoliating your dry skin. Some people also have very sensitive skin, and if you happen to be one of those, it’s best to look for products with more natural ingredients. Having this in mind,I have divided my skin care tips based on skin type, that is suitable for the most sensitive skin.

Normal Skin

There’s really nothing much to discuss as a special treatment for normal skin, since, well, there’s nothing to treat when your skin is normal. But for the purpose of covering all skin types, it’s worth the mention.To be blessed with normal skin is a wonderful thing indeed. To have normal skin means that you are neither too oily or dry, which means that, you have radiant complexion, most likely have no or very few imperfections, small pores, and often have very little sensitivity issues. You are one to be envied indeed, as a regular wash with clean water could probably suffice as your entire regimen.Kidding aside,there are of course some skin care treatments that are important, regardless of whether you are blessed to have a perfect complexion or not,one of which I find most important to mention is,

  • Sun protection. Everyone is prone to sun damage. Harmful UVA and UVB rays causes unseen damage that results to premature ageing (pigmentation, fine lines, and wrinkles) and can greatly increase your risk of skin cancer. UV radiation could affect you whether it is sunny or cloudy outside, which is why sun protection, should not be a seasonal thing to include in your skin care regimen. In my opinion, skin products with some amount of Spf is always better than those with none. Also as with the case of normal skin, one thing you cannot be guaranteed, despite your low maintenance skin, is to maintain a youthful appearance, so a little added care in the form of an amino acid rich product with ingredients such as Pitera,which is a natural yeast fermentation by product said to be highly effective in promoting skin regeneration like Sk-II Facial Treatment Essence, more popularly known in skin care world as ‘miracle water’ can help maintain your perfect skin by renewing cells and correcting sun damage.

For Oily Skin

Oily skin is often experienced during puberty or stages of hormonal imbalance such as your menstrual period. Hormonal issues are also often triggered by stress.

Oily skin often appears dull, shiny, and thick, literally similar to the surface of your frying pan. People with oily skin usually have enlarged pores, and are extremely prone to blemishes,blackheads, and acne.

Sadly, genetics also play a great role for having oily skin, so if this is the case, it’s almost impossible to avoid, but there are certainly many great ways to manage it. Apart from a well-balanced diet and consciously avoiding stress, here are some tips that can help alleviate your oily skin problem:

For Combination Skin

Having combination skin is fairy common, as generally, the areas of the nose, chin, and forehead, also known as our T-zone, often have more active oil glands which makes it more prone to having clogged pores, and the areas that are sunken, like our cheeks especially underneath the eyes are often dry and flaky. It’s pretty hard to get a win when you have combination skin. No matter which weather, humidity can cause you to suffer from oiliness, while the cold, will equally, uncomfortably dry you up. In order to deal with combination skin, finding the right balance is key. Though it may seem more complicated to deal with, it doesn’t necessarily have to be. As a matter of fact, having combination skin allows us to have more options for skin product formulations, since a one size-fits all is not applicable to us. There are of course some areas you’ll need to give special attention to.

For Dry Skin

Dry skin is perhaps the most sensitive to cosmetic products. It is often made worse by aging,harsh weather and temperatures, UV exposure, chemical exposure, and certain medication. A dry skin often appear dull and rough, sometimes with red patches, have more visible lines, and is less elastic. There are areas that may become irritated and inflamed, could crack or peel, and feel itchy and scaly. The number of ways dry skin can be uncomfortable, can certainly fill a page.

However, one common misconception about dealing with dry skin is that you need to hydrate it with water. Moisturizing and hydrating are actually two different things. When you’re dehydrated, your skin may appear dry,so you need to rehydrate by drinking water.But if your skin type is dry, what it lacks is oil (not water) thus it needs to be moisturized, not hydrated. Staying long in the shower, underneath water with the idea of hydrating your skin, actually strips more oil from your skin, thus leaving it even drier. When cleansing, use the mildest, most gentle soap. Avoid scrubbing too much, and be extra cautious when handling different products and chemicals such as dish soaps and detergents.

  • Apply soothing serum.Skin treatments are far more problematic and painful for people with dry skin.If the dryness becomes too bothersome after some harsh treatment like hair waxing, shaving, or plucking, you can apply some Tend Skin Care Solution , to help soothe those areas.


No matter what your skin type, and the different skin issues you are facing. Just give your skin a little love, and it is sure to give back some love to you too. If these  simple topical skin care treatments still do not do some trick for you, lastly, you can always…

  • Check with the experts. Schedule a consult with your trusted dermatologist if you need to seek advice for serious skin conditions or with your cosmetic surgeon for more drastic treatments. Whether you choose to approach your skin naturally, or any other way, what is important is that, at the end of the day, you love your skin—you are happy,healthy, full, and confident.

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