Natural Breast Enlargement Options

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Large and round are two words that many women consider as flattering when used to describe their breasts. For these women, full breasts epitomize true beauty and serve to  enhance their femininity. Unfortunately, while there are those who are naturally blessed, many aren’t so well-endowed.

If you wish to have bigger, firmer breasts, know that you have plenty of options. Of course, there is breast enhancement surgery and there are breast enlargement pills, but you actually have a few more practical, more natural options.

You don’t need to talk to a doctor or any other medical professional when you decide on natural breast enlargement. All you have to do is follow the tips below, stick to a regimen and, in time, your quest for a bigger cup size can be achieved.

Breast Exercise

There are certain exercises that can help in enlarging breasts. The exercises listed below involve moving the arms and shoulders, which can help tone the muscle and skin tissues in and around the breast area, making your mammaries appear firmer and larger.

  • Ground pushups
  • Wall pushups
  • Chest compressions
  • Chest presses
  • Bench presses

Perform these exercises for at least 30 minutes, giving each exercise about five minutes each. Seek professional advice from a fitness trainer to ensure you are doing them correctly.

Breast Massage

Massaging your breasts increases blood circulation in the area and stretches out the tissues. When you perform breast massage regularly, your muscles will enlarge and your breasts will become bigger and firmer. Keep  the following tips in mind when you massage your breasts.

  • Pick a good massage oil like olive or almond oil.
  • Rub the oil within your palms until they feel warm.
  • Massage your breasts and rub inward in a circular direction. Do 100 to 300 circular rubs.

Perform these steps twice daily, in the evening before going to bed and in the morning when you wake up. Keep massaging your breasts for two to three months for improved results.

Breast Creams

Breast creams are off-the-counter medications that are capable of enhancing breasts. However, you need to evaluate the product that you plan to use carefully and ensure that it has been tested for quality and safety. In addition, look for formulations that have proven effectiveness, with the results visibly observable within a given period of time. That said, it’s best to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon to find the best breast enlargement cream for you.

Breast Enlargement Pumps

Breast enlargement pumps are another great option for women who want to grow their breasts naturally. These are fairly easy to use, compact, and lightweight. Plus, they have the added benefit of zero side effects. A breast enlargement pump works by expanding the breast tissue through gentle suction. Like massage, this promotes better blood circulation and muscle tone, but unlike massage, less work is involved. The breast enlargement pump enlarges the mammary gland tissue to stimulate the production of new breast tissue.

Breast Enhancing Diet

The regular intake of certain types of food can help you grow your breasts. In particular, red clover seeds and herbs such as fenugreek and red clover are known to have breast enhancing properties.

  • Fennel seeds – these contain a high level of flavonoids that increase the body’s estrogen production and promote the growth of breast tissue. Fennels seeds are available in tea form. To increase the size of your breasts, drink a cup of fennel tea once a day.
  • Fenugreek – according to herbalists, fenugreek can increase breast size as well as make them firm. Like fennel seeds, fenugreek also raises estrogen production in the body, but as a side benefit, it also stimulates progesterone, a hormone that helps firm up breasts. Additionally, it also increases milk production in nursing mothers. You can use fenugreek as a breast massage aid(fenugreek oil) or you can include fenugreek sprouts in your diet.
  • Red clover – is an herb that contains four phytoestrogens believed to aid in the enlargement of breasts. Like fennel seeds, red clover is available as tea. Drink two to three cups of red clover tea a day and you can get the desired result in as little as a few months.

Breast Enhancer Bra

If you want a quick fix, a breast enlargement bra can make your breasts look bigger instantly. Albeit the effect is temporary, these bras come in handy when you need to dazzle with your puppies immediately, like when you go on a night out or on a special date. Put simply, a breast enlargement bra is one of the easiest, not to mention safest ways to enhance your cleavage, so don’t scoff at this suggestion just because its effects are not as long-lasting as the other items on this list. Chances are, you already have a few of these in your everyday rotation.

Aside from breast enlargement bras, there are plenty of sly wardrobe techniques to make your breasts look bigger instantly. Use these techniques with the tips listed above to make your breasts look extra special.

  • Detailed necklines – wardrobe items  with detailed necklines create the illusion of larger breasts. Lace, pleats, ruffles, twists and jewels, as well as smocking and ruching make your cleavage look well-defined.
  • High necklines – contrary to low necklines that reveal what you are trying to hide, high necklines conceal them effectively. They may not give the illusion of larger breasts, but they sure can hide small ones, which ultimately, is the goal.
  • Bold colors and patterns – a bold and bright colored top matched with subdued bottoms can make your upper body look larger, and along with it, your breasts.

All of these techniques are effective and affordable ways to help you grow your breasts and feel more confident about your appearance. That said, please bear in mind that when using the breast enlargement tips in this article, results may vary from person to person. In addition, these tips are meant for general information purposes only; so always get a second opinion from a medical doctor or work under the supervision of one. With any luck, you’ll soon achieve the breast size that you are aiming for the natural way.

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