How to Get Bigger Breasts without Surgery

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Wanting bigger breasts is nothing to be ashamed of. Surgery may seem like the easiest and fastest way to make your breasts larger, but it’s also an invasive medical procedure which is both costly and risky to your health. It’s good to know that it’s not the only option out there, nor the last resort. With the right diet, exercise, and apparel, you can get the bigger breasts you’ve always wanted without having to go under the knife.

There are specific food groups that are packed with nutrients that also boost hormones needed for breast enlargement. Daily exercise will keep you fit and active, but you’d be surprised at the breast-enhancing effect some routines offer. You can also do so much with certain clothing items that not only enhance your figure but also accentuate your breasts.


In this extensive list, we tackle all of them one by one.


We are a product of what we eat. Not only do these food groups supply the nutrients your body needs, they can actually affect breast size. From adjusting hormone balance to increase the growth of breast tissue, most of them are full of phytoestrogen and other compounds that can help provide natural breast enlargement.


Estrogen is the female sex hormone that plays a crucial role in the sexual and reproductive development of women. Mainly produced in the ovaries, they control the changes that happen to a woman’s body during puberty, including the growth of breast tissue.

Dairy Products

Milk and other dairy products contain reproductive hormones such as estrogen, progesterone, and prolactin that aren’t exclusive to humans. Mammals produce these hormones for reproductive purposes. All three are essential for milk production, and thus may contribute to the growth of breast tissue.


Known for being good aphrodisiacs, seafood contains manganese which increases sex hormones. Other than adjusting hormonal imbalance, seafood also increases estrogen levels which affect the growth of breast tissue. Try oysters, prawns, shellfish, crabs, mussels, and even seaweed.


Phytoestrogens mimic estrogen and are similar in the way that they stimulate the growth of breast tissue. They are found in many herbs that are included in breast enhancement products as well as found in a number of food groups.

Soy Products

Edamame, tempeh, and tofu are some soy products with the highest concentration of isoflavones, a phytoestrogen compound that is highly responsible for breast growth. It also helps fight cancer cells that may grow in breast tissue.


A teaspoon of seeds can do so much for breast enlargement. Certain seeds contain flavonoids, a type of phytoestrogen, which boosts the production of estrogen. Some examples of these are fennel seeds, flax seeds, anise seeds, sunflower seeds, and pumpkin seeds.

Leafy Greens

Think back to your childhood, where you were urged to finish your greens. While many of them – asparagus, kale, spinach, and lettuce, for example – do contain phytoestrogens, they are also packed with nutrients and antioxidants that can further enhance your figure.


It’s about time you increase your protein intake. Protein helps with the release of hormones and the restoration of tissue. The amino acids you get from food rich in protein produce HGH (Human Growth Hormone) which helps stimulate the growth of cells and build tissue.


From walnuts, peanuts, chestnuts, pistachios, pecans, and cashews – a handful of nuts is relatively easy to add to your diet. Not only are nuts a good source of protein, they are also high in healthy monounsaturated fats that are essential in building breast tissue.

Meat, Poultry, and Fish

This one is a given. Meat, poultry, and fish are the ultimate protein sources. They are essential in any breast enhancement diet as they help build and repair tissue.

Dietary Supplements

Dietary supplements are taken for a number of different health-related reasons, including improving one’s health and well-being. While they are packed with different vitamins, minerals, amino acids, and even natural plants or herbs, they cannot be a substitute for food. In fact, they are simply an addition to one’s daily diet.


While available in a variety of forms, fenugreek is more commonly taken as an herbal capsule. Fenugreek is an organic herb that stimulates the growth of breast tissue by increasing the production of phytoestrogens such as estrogen, progesterone, and prolactin. However, pure fenugreek should only be taken in low dosages to avoid complications.

Breast Max Plus

Taken twice a day, each pill contains a precise blend of the most powerful, all-natural, breast-enhancing plant extracts – including fenugreek and fennel seeds – which are rich in phytoestrogens that increase your body’s estrogen level. In addition to following a healthy diet, regular intake of breast enhancement pills like Breast Max Plus can increase your breast size up to 30% in as little as 60 days.


What you choose to wear goes a long way when it comes to enhancing the appearance of breasts. While it’s a good idea to invest in fitting and flattering intimates, you don’t have to limit yourself to those options alone. There are certain outfits you can wear and techniques you can follow to enhance your assets as well as let you proudly show off some cleavage.


Pair a more subtle undergarment with that simple scoop neck or gorgeous V-neck dress you’ve always wanted to wear. Find the right accessory to top off the look. You can even use makeup to further enhance the contours of your breast. This list will help you mix and match the contents of your closet until you find the perfect ensemble.

Push-Up Bra

An oldie but goodie, push-up bras are worn by those who want to enhance the shape of their breasts. In addition to creating the illusion of fuller and perkier breasts, they also show off a rounder cleavage. Aside from providing ample breast support, the Breast Max Push-Up Bra makes sure the inner padding and lining of the bra focuses on lifting but doesn’t sacrifice comfort.

Bra Stuffer

There’s no shame in stuffing your bra. For years, many have resorted to stuffing their bras with tissues, thick padding, and other uncomfortable materials. Now, there are bra-stuffers such as the Breast Max Bra Filler that are specially made to give your breasts a much fuller look.

Stick-On Bra

Silicone adhesive bras – or stick-on bras – are good options for those who are fond of wearing backless dresses and shirts without having to worry about your bra showing. The Breast Max Stick-On Bra uses a powerful adhesive that makes sure they properly stick and last for as long as you need them. They push your breasts together just enough to give the illusion of a deeper cleavage.


It’s a struggle wearing strapless bras if there’s very little holding them up. There’s also the hesitance to wear more revealing outfits, especially ones with plunging necklines. Going braless in public can get uncomfortable which is why the Breast Max Pasties Plus covers what needs to be covered, all the while emphasizing all your best assets.

Clothing and Accessories

Wearing clothes with horizontal stripes gives you a more voluptuous shape in addition to emphasizing your curves. Thick, bulky sweaters in dark colors can give the illusion of a bigger chest. Meanwhile, wearing tight-fitting tops with plunging necklines help accentuate whatever cleavage you already have. You can also accessorize with a dangling necklace or large brooch to draw attention to your chest.

Contouring Kit

Makeup does a good job of highlighting your best features – breasts included. The idea of contouring may be intimidating at first, but you definitely don’t need to be an expert on this one. The Breast Max Contouring Kit comes with a pan of easily blendable powder that gives you a natural-looking cleavage shadow, perfect for when you’re wearing scoop necks or other outfits with plunging necklines.


Certain exercises can improve overall breast appearance by building up and toning the pectoral muscles, the muscles that cover the front of the ribcage. They also build and tone the tissues in and around the breast area, making your breasts rounder and perkier. However, exercises are not limited to vigorous workout sessions. These also include simple exercises you can do by hand, like massages, to further enhance your breast size.

Home Workout

You don’t have to worry about spending money on a gym membership. There are workout routines that you can do in the comfort of your own home. Such examples are push-ups, chair lifts, crunches, chest compressions, and lifting dumbbells. You can even do yoga, which improves blood circulation, tones muscles, and improves muscle flexibility and strength. These exercises involve the movement of the arms and shoulders, which will tone the skin and muscle tissues in and around the breast area which, in turn, make your breasts firmer and appear larger.


There are also popular, free workout apps that you can use to track your routine and even help get your motivation going. These apps can also save you a lot of time since their quick, rigorous routines are direct to the point. Some apps you can try are Map My Fitness, Workout Trainer, 7 Minute Workout, or the 30 Day Fitness Challenge.


Massaging the breasts regularly can increase your breast size as well as improve the overall appearance of your breasts. Massages help increase blood circulation, as well as tone and stretch out the tissues within the breast to make them appear bigger and firmer. It’s important to massage correctly if you want to get the results you want. Otherwise, you can actually decrease your breast size. However, the gestures are easy to remember. Your hands should simply massage inward circles, with your breasts going toward each other. Do this for 5 to 10 minutes twice daily, once in the morning, and again before going to bed.

Oils and Creams

You can use oils and creams during massages to help further enhance the results. Remember not to exert too much pressure during application. It’s best to use natural oils such as olive oil, almond oil, lavender oil, tea tree oil, clove oil, and fenugreek oil. As for creams, use cocoa butter or Pueraria Mirifica creams. Pueraria Mirifica is an herb with high levels of estrogen which also doubles as a great source of phytoestrogens. There’s also the Breast Max Topical Cream which stimulates the tissue around the applied area, resulting in the growth of breast…


In addition to giving you back pain and adding extra pressure on your spine, slouching is a bad habit that can also make your breasts appear smaller. For an instant lift, just improving your posture can do the trick. Pushing your chest forward and lifting your shoulders backward will not only make your chest appear bigger but will also give you a big confidence boost.


You can overcome bad posture by downloading useful apps that help monitor your posture such as Posture, Posture Trainer, Lumo Back, Healthy Spine&Straight Posture, and SNPE (Self Nature Posture Exercises).

Avoid Dangers & Scams

It’s easy to fall for ambiguous and false promises, especially in times of desperation. Regardless, safety and health should always be your priority when considering what you put in or do to your body. However, there are just some things that are hard to resist. Always read up and do a fair amount of research before taking products that offer a quick fix. Take your time, and avoid doing rash decisions. Remember, it’s best to always be careful.

“Miracle” Products

Anything product that claims to be a “miracle” worker probably doesn’t work. Not only are you wasting money in purchasing these items, you may also experience the potential side-effects that come with it. These products are almost always sold at a relatively high price, and promise results that are just too good to be true. The number of people who fall victim to such deception comes at a rather alarming rate, but that can be attributed to the fact that there are so many health-related products and treatments that are falsely marketed.

Estrogen Pills

Yes, there is such a thing as an estrogen overdose. Taking estrogen pills may seem like a quick fix, but a sudden surge of the hormone can cause a number of complications as well as put you at risk for other life-threatening conditions such as breast cancer or endometrial cancer. Some symptoms of elevated estrogen include weight gain, headaches, difficulty sleeping, drowsiness, fatigue, increased symptoms of PMS, irregular menstrual periods, hair loss, and swelling and tenderness of the breasts. There’s also the possibility of forming fibrocystic developments in the breast. While the condition is noncancerous, you will experience painful lumps in your breasts that can make the detection of breast cancer a lot more difficult.


Breast augmentation is already expensive as it is, and the purpose of this list is to avoid the risk of getting one in the first place. From something as minor as uneven breasts to something as crucial as death, the world of plastic surgery is filled to the brim with horror stories. Breast implants are hard to maintain, and in addition to possible rupturing, they also make it harder to detect breast cancer. According to the National Institute of Medicine, there’s a chance that you may need to get another operation in order to fix complications or side-effects. The aftermath of the surgery is already painful enough, and it will only have you spending twice as much.



This extensive list proves that there are plenty of tried and tested alternatives to surgery that present the same results. Not only do these help with breast enlargement, they also generally have positive effects on the rest of your body and self-esteem. By following a proper diet and exercise routine, you reap all its benefits, including breast growth. Styling your clothes can also bear a huge difference in your overall appearance. Don’t resort to products that adhere to false promises or put your health at risk. With the right mindset, you can achieve the breast size you’ve always wanted safely and effectively.


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