How To Be A Healthy Woman

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Being a female is amazing; no one would want to argue with that. We are mothers, sisters, daughters, wives, soldiers, leaders, CEOs, caretakers and anything else we would want to become. But the fact is we are too busy running the world and often forget to take care of ourselves. Our physical and mental well-being comes secondary sometimes, unintentionally or otherwise.  It is important to remember that good health enables women to accomplish the impossible, reach our life goals and fulfill our aspirations. So we’d better start today: living a healthy lifestyle, having healthy habits, regular health check ups, eating healthy food and overall, being a healthy woman.

I’ve put together much of the knowledge and information that I’ve been learning from myself, from others, and from the research I’ve done into this one infographic. There are 4 main sections: simple statistics about women vs men, things that have a direct effect on our health, a sample of a healthy daily routine and an A to Z health check up plan. I believe these will help women out there to stay strong and healthy if they create their own plan based on the information provided.

First, a woman’s body is different to that of a man. This difference is not only in appearance but also in the way they function. Women tend to experience anxiety and depression twice as much as men do, and we tend to also cry more often. No shocker there, huh?

In order to have a healthier lifestyle, you should start building better habits right now. There are 3 main things you should pay attention to and adjust to better your body: what you eat, what you do to strengthen your physical health and mental health. No more junk food, more vegetables and fruits, drink more water and do more exercises and activities that can help your body and your mind stay strong.

To maintain your health, you also need to visit your doctor and do regular check ups. We are at high risk of alcohol misuse, obesity and of being affected by diseases like cancers, STDs, cardiovascular diseases, osteoporosis, etc. as we age. Therefore, regular check ups must be included in your healthy lifestyle plan. These do not only help you prevent/detect any disease in their early stages but also plays an important role in treatment and thus better well-being.

Instead of writing lengthy paragraphs, we’ve created a simple, easy to follow infographic with minimal words that convey to you the most important information. It’s easy on the eyes, and also easy to remember. It will give you a reference to a healthy daily routine that will undoubtedly improve your life when you begin to follow it.

Now, check out the following infographic and start acting on it!

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