Can Breast Pills Make Your Breasts Bigger?

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A lot of women believe that having bigger boobs can make one more attractive and appealing.  Many body insecurities in women are connected to the size of their breasts.  A woman’s breast size is determined by several factors:  genetics, hormones, metabolism, and her medical history.

In genetics, a woman’s breast size is inherited through familial genes.  Hormones like estrogen and progesterone help grow breasts and any imbalance between them can stunt or prevent breast growth.  

A woman’s rate of metabolism also affects breast size because it determines how much fat is burned by the body. Since the breast is mostly made up of fat, hyper metabolism — a condition where the body is constantly burning off fat — can lead to the breasts being much smaller.

Lastly, any past illnesses or medical procedures on the breasts could also have an effect on breast size.

Ways of Increasing Breast Size

Women these days have many options to help increase their breast size in both natural and surgical ways.  Here are a few of these options:

  1. Breast Enhancement Exercises:These exercises are meant mainly to increase muscle mass in the chest area directly beneath the breasts, but they don’t guarantee actual growth.
  2. Diet of herbs and Food for Breast Growth: Ingesting herbs that mimic the hormones that stimulate breast growth are a safe method of augmenting breast size, but it could take a long time before any results become apparent.
  3. Push-up bras or CorsetsThese special compression garments are worn beneath the clothes to help enhance the size of the breasts.  Of course, the illusion disappears when they come off.
  4. Breast Augmentation SurgeryThese procedures give immediate and permanent results but are very costly and could come with complications that manifest at a later time.  There’s also the added fear of having a foreign object embedded in one’s body.
  5. Breast Enhancement Pills and Creams  These are made with the same herbs that mimic the effects of estrogen on the body.  They are more effective when used together with a good diet plan and compatible exercise regime to increase breast size.


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Encouraging Breast Growth with Breast Enhancement Pills and Creams

Practically all women want bigger, natural-looking breasts. But despite the growing popularity of breast enhancement surgeries, many are still opting for non-surgical methods like the pills and creams. Most pills act on the female hormone estrogen which, together with progesterone, cause the mammary tissues and glands to grow fuller and firmer, thus enhancing the bust size and shape to a more attractive form.

Most herbs used in breast enhancement pills and creams have been proven safe and have been found to cause no ill side effects when taken as recommended. The pills and creams are made from all-natural ingredients and herbs like fenugreek (mimics the hormones that promote breast feeding), fennel seeds (stimulate estrogen), saw palmetto (blocks the effects of the male hormone testosterone), and wild yam extract (has a plant-based estrogen called diosgenin).  Most breast enhancement pills and creams on the market have all these herbs but in different quantities —  which accounts for the varying degrees of effectivity on different women.  Most of them have been clinically tested and have produced quantifiable results in studies performed on them.

Breast enhancement pills and creams can work if you find the right one that works for you. Each woman metabolizes the hormones a little differently so results vary depending on the user.  Breast enhancement pills work very well in combination with the creams which are effective because they are applied and work directly on the breasts themselves.  A healthy diet and breast enhancement exercises complete the whole lifestyle plan to develop bigger, fuller, and natural looking breasts.  It is important to stress the need to consult your doctor as the hormones may have an effect on prescription medication and some herbs may trigger an allergic reaction in any pre-existing medical conditions.

Quick Review of Women’s Favourite Breast Enhancement Pills and Creams

The breast enhancement industry is booming.  This means that there are clinics everywhere offering surgical enhancement packages.  Manufacturers are pumping out a variety of breast enhancement pills and creams of varying formulations, promising amazing results in less time, with little or no side effects.  From all these, here is a quick rundown of three of the more popular breast enhancement pills and creams in the market.

  1. Total Curve system: The pills contain carefully selected FDA-approved herbs, antioxidants, nutrients, and hormone balancers. The breast enhancing gel contains Volufiline as its main ingredient.  According to the manufacturer, it is clinically proven to increase overall breast size by 8% within the first two months of regular use (2 times per day with massage).  It promotes the body’s natural storage of fat cells around the area where it is applied.  A few side effects noticed by the users are: slight mood swings because of the increased estrogen levels, and occasional breakouts in some users. The system costs $69.95 for the complete set of pills and gel, and comes with a 60-day money back product guarantee.
  2. Breast Actives system:  The kit includes herbal supplement pills, the breast enhancement cream, and a program of massage techniques and exercises, as well as some diet recommendations.  The program may take up to four months to see noticeable results.  The manufacturers don’t promise immediate massive growth but a gradual, natural size increase as long as the recommended dosage and supporting program is followed.  They use nearly the same natural herbal ingredients in their formulation: fennel seeds, blessed thistle, dong quai root, fenugreek, dandelion, kelp, and watercress leaf.  The system costs $59.95 and also comes with a money back guarantee.
  3. Breast Success system: The set includes the breast enhancement supplement pills and cream made with FDA approved herbal ingredients like saw palmetto, fenugreek, wild yam root, pacific kelp, damiana leaf, mother’s wort, dong quai root, black cohosh root, oat grass, blessed thistle, and hops flower.  Some may see an increase in breast size in as early as three weeks, while others may take as long as six months to see noticeable results.
  4. Breast Max Plus by Kimi Naturals: This is a new product on the market which is getting generally positive reviews for its safe and supposedly effective formula.

A quick caveat though: all breast enhancement pills and creams are not recommended for breastfeeding or lactating women as the herbs’ effects may be transferred via the breast milk.  They are also not recommended for those who are allergic to any of the herbal ingredients.  It is important to do your research on these possible side effects or counter indications.

Do Breast Enhancement Supplements and Creams Work?

Yes, they could.  Since they all have nearly identical natural herbs and ingredients but differ in their formulations, they can all produce positive results in differing degrees.  It all comes down to finding the one system that will work for you.

The pills should be taken as instructed and can be supplemented by proper diet and exercise, and then using the breast enhancing cream with a massage regimen that’s known to increase breast size.

Always consult your doctor before taking any supplements especially if you are taking prescription medication or have any allergic reactions to the herbs.

The journey to beautifully enhanced breasts begins with making the right choices for you.

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