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Better Booties Through Pills?

The internet is awash with every kind of pill or supplement to cure whatever ails you. And an increase in customer interest in growth enhancement products has created a boom in the market for all kinds of brands touting their benefits and promises of astounding enlargement in an amazingly short amount of time. That’s what makes it difficult for the average woman to tell which products really deliver on their promises and which ones are just a waste of time and money.

We have made it a whole lot easier by compiling a list of the most popular butt enhancement pills available on Amazon. Women from all over the world have bought and tried these pills and have given their honest feedback about their experience with each brand. The ones listed below have received positive feedback and ratings because of their ability to deliver visible results that made their users happy with the product.

The Top Rated Butt Enhancement Pills You Will Love to Use

Booty Perfect Butt Enhancement Pills

Booty Perfect is part of a butt enhancement system that includes the pills and an all-natural herbal formulation cream for better effectivity.  The pills have known phytoestrogens derived from herbs like Dong Quai root, Fenugreek seeds, Mexican wild yam, and fennel seeds. These extracts mimic the effect of the body’s own estrogens that are crucial to growing those womanly curves during puberty and pregnancy. Other ingredients like L-Tyrosine, saw palmetto berries and blessed thistle help the body recover after a butt building exercise by increasing muscle mass, reducing inflammation and relieving the mind of stress and anxiety.

Isosensuals Curve

Isosensuals Curve system employs both a butt cream and herbal supplement capsules to grow a beautiful, shapely derriere that uses a proprietary formulation of phytoestrogenic plant extracts. The growth increase is caused by the hormonal increase in the body resulting in a more permanent growth that is visible in as little as the first month of usage. The manufacturers believe this system is a safe & effective way of increasing your butt size from both inside and outside the body.

Hourglass Goddess Pert and Peachy Bum Enhancement Capsules

Pert& Peachy Bum capsules are made mainly with Dandelion Root Powder (Taraxacum officinale) and stone-ground brown rice flour in a quick-dissolving gelatin shell. They guarantee a tightly toned bottom that you can be proud to show off. The capsules are taken thrice a day after meals with a full glass of water. For quicker results, the manufacturer also recommends a daily massage using the Hourglass Goddess Pert and Peachy Bum gel.

Bum Boutique Butt Enhancement Pills

Bum Boutique promises to add “oomph” to your derriere when you take their herbal extract derived supplement pills for at least one month. The extracts of Maca root powder, Dong Quai root and Fenugreek provide potent phytoestrogens to bring your body to that puberty or pregnancy simulated stage where it grows curves and defines the more feminine silhouette.

Marina Naturals Booty XL

Booty XL is an effective solution to a sagging butt or a bottom that lacks shape and definition.  The main ingredients are a host of health-enhancing vitamins (E, C, B1, B2, B3, B6, B12), folic acid, amino acids, estrogen-like herbs (fenugreek, wild yam root, fennel seeds, dong quai root), and healing herbs (saw palmetto, blessed thistle, Asian ginseng, kelp powder). It’s a powerful combination of natural extracts that work safely to naturally grow the buttocks muscles and fat tissues to their most appealing level.

Booty Magic Butt Enhancement Pills

Booty Magic pills have extracts from aguaje fruit, fenugreek, maca fruit and blessed thistle which have been used in many Chinese and Mexican traditional medicines to promote growth and wellness in women for many years.  When paired with the Booty Magic cream, it becomes twice as effective in boosting your behind and making more heads turn as you walk by. It has a 60-day money back guarantee just in case you are not fully satisfied with the results.

Defenitely Natural Fuller Curves

Fuller Curves Female Butt and Bust Enlargement pills are made with a unique all-herbal formulation developed by the Defenitely Natural’s in-house team of research scientists.  It promised to help you achieve a significant increase in butt size in less than six weeks. The formulation is so effective that you will get to keep the size increase even after you have stopped taking the supplement. This is made possible by the effects of FDA-approved nature-derived phytoestrogens that stimulate the growth & storage of fatty tissues and muscle tissues in the targeted areas.

Gluteboost Butt Enhancement Pills

Gluteboost natural buttock enhancing pills have developed a stellar reputation for delivering what they promise with many of their regular users and new patrons. It works by helping to promote fat storage in the buttocks region, support muscle growth, and reduce bloating and water retention in other areas of your body to further emphasize the big booty growth. Its proprietary blend of twelve popular herbs make it completely safe to use on a regular basis. It has herbs for muscle growth (fenugreek, maca root and soy extract), estrogen boosters (dong quai root, saw palmetto and wild yam), and overall skin & muscle health (rose hips, citrus peel extract, dandelion root, watercress, genistein and L-tyrosine). When paired with the Gluteboost cream, you get a double dose of butt enhancing effectiveness.

Kimi Brazilian Butt Boost

Brazilian Butt Boost herbal supplement is known as an effective aid in herbal gluteal enhancement aid that uses the most popular and safe natural ingredients recognized and approved of by the FDA. Its primary ingredients are fenugreek extract, fennel seed, Dong Quai root extract, Blessed Thistle root powder, dandelion root powder, kelp powder, watercress powder, L-Tyrosine and vitamin E. The recommended dosage is two capsules a day for at least one month to see noticeable results of up to 30% growth.

Major Curves Butt Enhancement Pills

Major Curves butt enhancement pills and creams have helped lots of people achieve bigger, fuller, rounder buttocks naturally and effectively. Their signature blend of herbal extracts have been proven to signal the body to store more fat on the buttocks, hips and thighs resulting in shapely curves that look good from any angle. They use FDA-approved ingredients like saw palmetto berries, fenugreek seeds, fennel seeds, wild Mexican yam root, blessed thistle, kelp, dong quai root, mother’s wort and L-tyrosine. They recommend a twice daily dosage of the supplement and a once-daily massage with the matching.

Love the Curves You’re Going to Get

Butt enhancement pills are not miracle drugs by any means. But they are a very effective aid when you take them in conjunction with using butt enhancing creams, engaging in tried and tested booty building exercises, and following a diet that will help with butt growth. Be sure to consult a health professional before taking any of these supplements because of the hormonal effects they will trigger. The doctor will be able to advise you properly on any contraindications in case you are taking prescription medication.

Choosing a butt enhancing pill is your first step to creating the curves that will define a more feminine you so you can love the new silhouette that will make heads turn.

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