Butt Enhancement: Herbal Supplements vs Surgical Approach

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The 2 Sides of Renovating Your Rear End

Butt enhancement refers to any treatment or procedure used to add shape or form to the gluteal region. Reasons for undergoing gluteal enhancement procedures vary between people, but the two most common are for cosmetic reasons, and for repairing deformities in the area.

Traditionally, surgical methods were considered the only way to achieve permanent and desirable alterations to the shape of the buttocks. Advances in modern science have led to new options however, including herbal supplements. Today, these products have become fairly common in the beauty and health industries, and there is no shortage of new entries trying to place a stake of their own in the market.

There is much debate as to what herbs can do for the body. The scientific and medical communities are constantly looking for opportunities to test and catalogue these effects. But without considering specific ingredients, how effective are they in comparison? Let’s get into the basics.

Herbal Supplements

These come as either topical creams, or oral pills and tablets. Other methods of administration exist, but are less common. The advantage of herbal gluteal enhancement is it is unsurprisingly painless in comparison to surgical methods. There is no need for a recovery period, and as long as allergen and toxicity information is taken into account, herbal enhancement carries zero risk of deformities and complications.

The downside however is that such “safe” treatments usually require a longer period of time to take effect. There also tends to be varying levels of success depending on a host of variables. Some consumers may even develop resistance to specific treatments, rendering the product ineffective after continuous use. Finally, we have to consider that because herbal enhancement is a fairly new field, the market is saturated with products and companies jumping on the bandwagon without sufficient evidence that their formulations work. Bad products may also offer only temporary effects while costing as much as $200.00 for a month’s worth of supply

Surgical Procedures

On the other hand, surgical procedures can be thought of as the exact opposite. They typically offer quick results, and have very precise effects when performed by a skilled practitioner. However, they are much more expensive than herbal supplements, reaching four to five digit figures. They also sometimes fail to meet expectations when performed incorrectly.

Note that invasive surgeries carry the risk of bruising and infection, and may lead to more deformities even when done well. Again, side effects can happen, but in the case of surgical procedures, these side effects are oftentimes much more noticeable. Most procedures also require some recovery time and pain medication post-surgery.

So does herbal enhancement fare well against surgical enhancement? Well that depends on your outlook. What are you willing to risk? If you feel the need to save time or if you have a strong resistance to oral and topical treatments then consider surgery. However, if you can’t afford surgical enhancement, or if you don’t think the danger of complications is worth it, then herbal is the way to go. The only thing you have to consider is which product is going to be the most effective option for you.

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