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Understanding the Butt Cream Market

These days it seems that appearances and impressions are at the forefront of everyone’s minds. And when you consider that we now live in a time where everyone can whip out a smart phone and see photos of celebrities with perfect figures from both the front and the back, it just makes you wish you could have some of that magic ingredient that will turn you into a beauty diva with a booty to die for.

Butt enhancement creams are the answer to a lot of women’s problems with their behinds – a droopy and saggy appearance, dimpled skin, uneven texture due to dryness, or that there just isn’t enough of a butt to speak of. Today’s creams have all natural ingredients and special formulations that are meant to tackle most, if not all, of these problems. And while they won’t produce dramatically extreme results, most can make a noticeable change over at least two months of continuous use. If you put the creams together with a butt enhancing diet plan and a booty lifting exercise regime, you can see positive results even faster. And since a lot of the creams work at the hormonal level using phytoestrogens, it is important to consult your physician before using them especially if you are taking prescription medication or if you are pregnant because the ingredients do enter the bloodstream directly from the skin.

Now let’s do a run-through of the most popular and effective butt enhancement creams on the market based on consumer purchases and online reviews and feedback.

Gluteboost Butt Enhancement Cream

This all-natural moisturizing cream is part of a total butt enhancement kit that includes pills also made with safe and natural herbal ingredients. They work in conjunction to stimulate growth from both within the body and from the outside through the skin directly to the butt’s fat and muscle cells.

The Gluteboost cream stimulates the production of fat cells in and around the areas it is applied to.  Use the prescribed massage techniques to spread the cream evenly until it is completely absorbed by the skin. Ingredients like shea butter and aloe vera barbadensis help smooth and tighten the skin, minimizing stretch marks and the appearance of cellulite.  Maca roots and soy extracts help build up the butt muscles as you do your butt-building exercises. Saw palmetto and Dong Quai root provide the phytoestrogens that stimulate the body’s hormonal system.  Watercress provides the needed phytonutrients and mineral salts that the cells need to stay healthy.

Isosensuals Curve Enhancement Cream

The Isosensuals Curve cream’s most effective ingredient Voluplus™ is from another all-natural plant-based extract called Macelignan derived from nutmeg. Its main function is to accelerate the creation of cells that can store lipids or fat cells at a much higher volume, effectively plumping up your butt naturally. This increased fatty tissue adds volume to the butt gradually so you can see visible results after twice a day use for four weeks.  Ideal results will be seen after four to five months.  Other ingredients like aloe barbadensis, grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil and coconut oil keep the skin smooth and moisturized, minimizing stretch marks and giving an overall healthy appearance.

Major Curves Butt Enhancement Cream

Major Curves cream helps increase butt size through the combined actions of its major ingredients. LipidMaxx™ works by helping your body store fat in targeted areas like the butt, hips and thighs. It stimulates the increased production of fat cells to create a shapelier figure. Wild yam extract is a phytoestrogen that mimics the effect of human estrogen in the body, helping give you more rounded feminine curves.

Other natural ingredients like green tea extract, allantoin and vitamin E work on the appearance of the skin by improving hydration and reducing collagen loss for better elasticity.  You can also get faster results by including the Major Curves butt enhancement drops in your daily regimen.

Booty Perfect Butt Enhancement Cream

Just like the other creams, Booty Perfect’s as well as similarly named Booty Magic’s

ingredients will stimulate the fat cells underneath the skin to increase in volume and store more fatty tissues in areas where the cream is applied. Most users have reported feeling a warming sensation which they attribute to the ingredients doing their job upon absorption into the skin. The manufacturers are both so confident of their product’s effectivity that they offer a money-back guarantee, no questions asked.

PureLeef Butt Plumping Cream

PureLeef has two main active ingredients to naturally plump up butts. Macelignan extract from nutmeg seeds and Sarsasapogenin extract from the Asian plant Zhu Mu have the same effect of increasing fat cell production in the buttocks to create a fuller, firmer look.  Other ingredients help strengthen the skin’s cellular support structure to give a smooth and healthy appearance as the fat cells grow underneath. Kylie Jenner is a well-known user of this product after she posted a picture of herself crediting PureLeef for giving her those famous Kardashian curves.

Bum Boutique Butt Enlargement Cream

Bum Boutique attributes its many success stories to its potent combination of Voluplus™ and Volufiline™ — non-hormonal ingredients made from a combination of plant extracts that boosts fat cell production and storage in places where the cream is gently massaged into. The cream’s effectivity is enhanced by the ingredient fish oil which has long been praised for its many health benefits. The manufacturers say you can get quicker and more visible results when you take their all-natural herbal pill supplement and use the Bum Derma Roller as part of the massage regimen.

Slim Extreme 3D Super Concentrated Firming Buttocks Serum

The Slim Extreme cream’s butt boosting formula is based on its main ingredient Volufiline™. Other ingredients like hyaluronic acid which acts like a molecular sponge, helps keep the skin smooth and moisturized by reinforcing its cellular structure to prevent flabbiness and the formation of stretch marks as your butt grows. Extracts from the Caffeine Laminaria algae and Garena Asiatica plant work to improve metabolism as they both detoxify and purify the body’s system.

Bella Butt Enlargement Cream

Bella Cream wants women to be as beautiful and sexy as they want to be while using safe, all-natural extracts from kigeline, green papaya and pueraria mirifica, a potent phytoestrogen. This stimulating blend of ingredients aims to increase fat accumulation and collagen absorption in the areas the cream is massaged into. The cream should be applied twice a day, ideally after a warm bath to take advantage of the open skin pores, to get the best results.  After six months when you have reached your ideal size, you can apply the cream once a day for maintenance.

Bootiful Ultra Butt Enhancement Cream        

Bootiful is the result of four years of research and development into finding the best combination of herbal extracts and vitamins that will increase the size of your buttocks as it enhances new curves and eliminated stretch marks along the way. Its key ingredient Volufiline™ provides the plumping and volumizing to the butt while new ingredients like Xilogel (from the tamarind seed) and PA2 Phytosome provide quicker firming, anti-wrinkle and UV protection to the skin. All-natural non-toxic ingredients include honey and vitamin E (potent antioxidants), Dong Quai root and Damiana extract (increased blood flow and better circulation), Saw Palmetto (phytoestrogen), and Calendula flowers, Aloe vera and Niacinamide (nourish and heal skin cells).

Beauty that is More than Skin Deep

Now that you have seen our quick review of the top creams for butt enhancement, you can choose for yourself the brand that could give you the results you’ve dreamed of.  Do remember that you cannot rely solely on the creams to get the ideal butt.  It should complement a healthy diet and butt boosting exercise plan to keep the muscles toned and the skin glowing.

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