Breast Enhancement – Herbal Supplements vs Surgery

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Breast enhancement refers to any procedure undergone to alter size, shape, or texture of a person’s breasts. Traditionally, this is done through invasive surgery. However, modern technology has advanced to the point where several other non-invasive options are available. This article will also discuss one of the most popular alternatives: herbal supplements.

Orally consumed products are not necessarily a new innovation in breast enhancement. Women have been taking estrogen steroid pills to increase breast size since since the earlier half of the 20th century.

The problem was that these pills usually contained artificial preservatives. Even when approved by doctors and health professionals, these ingredients usually turned people away. Herbal supplements however, are made of all-natural products with natural preservatives, or sometimes no preservatives at all. They also retain the main ingredient responsible for breast enlargement: estrogen.

Phytoestrogens are found in many plants. Among the most popular ingredients for breast enhancement pills are soy and wild yam, both known for high concentrations of the hormone. These substances mimic the effects of the body’s natural estrogen. The extract of these plants has been used extensively for treatment of menopausal symptoms and premenstrual symptoms as well.

So how do herbal supplements fair against more popular services like surgery?

Surprisingly, they do quite well. Estrogen has the same effect on the human body no matter who consumes it; male or female. It is directly responsible for secondary sex characteristics in females, including breast size and development of prolactin. This means herbal supplements containing estrogen are almost guaranteed to produce results given enough time.

In fact, many of the best estrogen-based herbal supplements are approved and recommended by doctors. Also, herbal supplements are extremely cost-effective, sitting at a price range between $10.00 to $100.00 depending on the product, which is a far cry from the $10,000.00 and above price range for surgical breast augmentation. They are also much safer than surgery.

Oral estrogen treatment usually only poses a risk in the form of mild symptoms associated with puberty (breast sensitivity, vaginal discharge, nausea, etc). Surgery on the other hand, risks deformed breasts, infection, and breast cancer among other things.

Note, however, that while estrogen is safer, it is not recommended for women with liver damage.

But if estrogen-based herbal supplements have these advantages, why do some people prefer breast surgery?

That is because herbal supplements, like any product, has cons as well as pros.

In general, skillfully executed breast surgery can produce more specific results, including altered texture and specific shape of the breasts. This is in contrast with herbal supplements, which only increase size. Also, the extent to which herbal supplements can help a woman enlarge her breasts is difficult to estimate. This is because of differences in body chemistry per individual. This disadvantage can also mean sustained intake may be necessary.

The effects may only be semi-permanent if the body’s estrogen levels are naturally low. Finally, herbal supplements take much longer to enlarge breasts. At the very least, estrogen encourages growth of fatty deposits and tissue, both of which require time for the body to produce.

To sum things up it all comes down to personal preference. Remember that properly formulated and manufactured herbal supplements can be effective alternatives to surgical breast enhancement. This is especially true for those unable to afford surgery, or are unwilling to risk the pain and recovery period that follows even successful surgical procedures.

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