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I want to look better. Every woman has probably said that while looking at herself in the mirror. While you can outwardly glam up using hairstyling gadgets and make-up products, there used to be little you could do to boost the curves that emphasize a woman’s femininity. Short of surgery, the best you could do was stuff your bra or squeeze into a corset or push-up bra to lift your twin peaks to simulate perkiness and overflowing abundance, if possible. It was all very tedious and torturous, not to mention emotionally deflating to see them sag back down once everything comes off. It’s quite a blow to a woman’s self-image, to say the least.

 That is now a thing of the past due to a combination of traditional herbal knowledge and the latest scientific research and clinical testing. Breast enhancement creams are the answer to women’s desire to have attractive, well-proportioned bosoms through a completely safe and non-invasive method that is affordable and easily accessible from anywhere in the world.

The Best of Both Worlds: Traditional Herbs and Modern Science

Nearly all of the breast enhancement creams on the market today are made of one or a combination of these main ingredients: Volufiline™ or Voluplus™, various natural oils, and phyto-estrogenic herbal extracts. These all help increase breast size in different ways and have differing effects on a woman’s body. It would be best to know this before selecting the breast enhancement cream brand to use so you know what results to realistically expect in the weeks following the initial application.

Volufiline™ or Voluplus™ are non-hormonal ingredients made from plant extracts that work to increase the development of fatty tissues in the breasts. The effect is usually permanent and you can expect a maximum growth of one or two breast cup sizes.

Breast enhancement creams that use various oils like fish oil, emu oil, or berutti oil produce a temporary swelling of the breasts than can be taken for growth. Your body will naturally absorb and re-purpose these oils over time which is why the effect is temporary. You’ll need to continuously apply the cream to maintain the enhanced growth appearance. These oils are safe to use and usually have no negative side effects since they will eventually be flushed out of the body.

Phytoestrogens derived from herbs like Pueraria Mirifica, Dong Quai root, fennel seeds, wild yam, and blessed thistle have a potent hormonal effect on a woman’s body. These extracts mimic the effects of an increased level of the estrogen hormone. Being in cream or gel form, the ingredients are absorbed directly by the skin into the bloodstream, bypassing the body’s natural chemical filters – the kidneys and the liver, thus delivering their effects directly into the area where they are applied. Be sure that you are not taking any prescription medication that may be affected by the estrogenic increase and vice versa.

Top Rated Breast Enhancement Creams

Now that you have an idea about what ingredients go into most breast enhancement creams, you can make an informed choice. We have put together a list of the top rated breast enhancement creams currently available on the market. Many women have purchased and tried these brands and have given positive feedback on the results they achieved.

Total Curve Breast Enhancement Cream

Total Curve is a two-step breast enhancement system that pairs a daily herbal supplement with the effectiveness of a firming and lifting gel.  The gel uses Volufiline™ to produce lipogenesis in the breasts when applied using a massage twice daily. The gel stimulates the breasts’ fatty tissues to generate and store more fat cells to increase the size by nearly nine percent in sixty days as proven in their clinical trials and human studies.

Naturaful Breast Enhancement Cream

Naturaful breast creams claims to stimulate and replicate the growth process that women experience when they go through puberty or pregnancy. This stimulation is triggered by phytoestrogens derived from their all natural ingredients like Mexican wild yam, blessed thistle, motherwort, damiana leaf, dandelion root and oat bran. You also get the added benefit of younger-looking, rejuvenated skin as a result of the hormone boost.

Brestogen Breast Enhancement Cream

Brestogen breast augmentation cream uses the extract from Pueraria Mirifica, a potent herb harvested from the forests of Thailand. This phytoestrogen increases blood flow around the breast, allowing for the faster distribution of the hormone to the breast tissues, expanding the fat tissues for better storage, strengthening the ligaments around the breasts, and helps retain collagen in the breast tissues for softer, smoother, more naturally shaped breasts.

Perfect Woman Breast Enhancement Cream

Perfect Woman’s primary ingredient is wild yam extract together with a proprietary combination of mastogenic herbs and plant extracts such as saw palmetto, dong quai root, dandelion extract, kava kava, fenugreek, motherwort, and blessed thistle. These herbs stimulate the body to experience breast growth much like during puberty or pregnancy. They recommend applying the cream to the breasts once a day preferably after a shower to improve the chances of absorption by the skin. You can see results in as little as four weeks and more visible growth after at least three months of continuous use.  

Benefil Breast Enhancement Cream

Benefil is a topical solution that touts three main ingredients that make it an effective breast enhancement cream. It uses isoflavones derived from soy to promote the growth of breast mass and tissues. The caffeine in the cream stimulates blood to the breast area while helping tighten the skin tissues to an attractive firmness. Centella asiatica contains a number of natural compounds that promote the production of collagen in the skin it is applied to.  Other extracts from green tea, kelp, wild yam and ginseng bring their unique added health benefits as the breast tissues continue to grow and expand.

Bust Bomb Breast Enhancement Cream

Bust Bomb cream has the benefit of added progesterone, a naturally occurring hormone in our bodies that is also responsible for growth. Its list of ingredients includes wild yam extract, witch hazel extract, milk thistle and safflower oil. Their cream formulation increased the bust size at a natural pace, provides lift to sagging breasts, relieves the symptoms of PMS, clears up acne spots and enhances the libido. A regular daily massage with the cream guarantees maximum visible results in at least three months.

Breast Success Breast Enhancement Cream

Breast Success cream uses a unique formulation together with two main ingredients for breast filling, plumping and firming: Volufiline™ and Bio-Bustyl™. Volufiline’s primary extract, sarsasapogenin, triggers the breasts’ adipose or fat cells to grow and divide. Bio-Bustyl helps the breasts’ stimulate the production and storage of collagen to keep the skin’s integrity and reduce skin fatigue. This way you won’t end up with stretch marks on your breasts as they increase in volume.

Breast Actives All Natural Breast Enhancement Cream

Breast Actives is a two-step breast enhancement system that uses both a once-a-day oral supplement and a massaged-in cream to work their magic on the breasts. Both the supplement and the cream use all-natural clinically tested herbal extracts like dong quai root and fenugreek — potent phytoestrogens that gradually stimulate breast growth through the increase in hormones in the body while creating a more attractive and uplifted breast contour.

Ivy Maison Bella Natural Breast Enhancement Cream

The heavy hitting combination of Pueraria Mirifica, green papaya extract, wild yam extract and Kigeline provide the increased volume, lift and skin suppleness to breasts that need an added boost. Visible results are seen after at least four months of regular massages after a warm bath to ensure the deep penetration of the cream into the breast tissues. More permanent growth will come after at least six months.

Vollure Breast Enhancement Cream

Vollure breast enhancement cream contains sarsasapogenin and Macelignan which are natural extracts from a popular Asian botanical plant Zhi Mu and from the nutmeg nut respectively. Both extracts stimulate fatty tissue growth in the breasts, creating more volume and fullness. It also has macadamia nut oil which is high in vitamins B1 and B2 and monounsaturated fatty acids that help moisturize the skin and keep it looking smooth and supple. You just need to massage the cream twice a day around both breasts to see the best results.

Breast Femino Breast Enhancement Cream

Breast Femino uses two ways to increase the breast size by working from both inside and outside the body. The oral supplement uses clinically-documented and FDA-safe herbal ingredients that produce effective phytoestrogens to stimulate breast tissue growth. The topical cream uses Volufiline™ and Bio-Bustyl™ as its primary effective ingredients to encourage the increased production and storage of fatty tissues in the breasts through a twice a day massage.

Breast Growth Done Naturally and Safely

Be sure to consult a doctor prior to applying any creams with strong hormonal ingredients, especially if you are taking prescription medication.  Pregnant and lactating women are also advised to avoid using the creams and supplements until after the breastfeeding period to avoid transmitting the ingredients through the breast milk since they are quickly absorbed by the blood stream.

Now that you have your shortlist of the top rated breast enhancement creams on the market, you can now take that first step to a more attractive and feminine figure without fear of negative side effects or repercussions.

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