5 Ways to Have Larger Breasts without Surgery

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When it comes to improving the body, the breasts are often the first to get any attention. Breast augmentation is, of course, the quickest method to add mass to your chest area, but perhaps not the most inexpensive or safe. For those who’d rather stay away from the cutting and sewing, here’s how to get bigger breasts the non-invasive way:

Dietary Supplements

One of the most natural ways you can enhance your breasts is by taking a dietary pill or food product that contains natural ingredients known to enhance breast size. The Natural Products Association (NPA) says close to 50,000 natural supplements are on the market today and some of them are promoted as breast enhancement products. Once these supplements reach the market, they are assumed to be safe for consumption, as they will presumably have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

The FDA requires nutraceutical companies or nutritional supplement producers to include only dietary ingredients which have been declared safe for consumption, and that the product label list down all the ingredients of the supplement. These supplements usually include an array of herbs, which ConsumerLab, a provider of product comparison testing, classifies into phytoestrogens, conventional aphrodisiacs, ‘women’s herbs’ and other special herbs with breast-enlarging properties.

Phytoestrogens, or plant-based estrogens, imitate and promote the function of natural estrogen in the body. They include red clover, fennel, soy, flaxseed, hops, and other herbs. Conventional aphrodisiacs act the same way and include oat straw and damiana. ‘Women’s herbs’ such as black cohosh, motherwort, chasteberry, and blessed thistle are so called because they help with a woman’s hormonal balance. Other herbs, such as the wild Mexican yam and palmetto, stimulates the breast tissue – and also provide a host of benefits for the female reproductive system.

Topical Cream

Not all women are comfortable with choosing a product that has to enter their bloodstream to work. For the cautious lady, breast enhancement creams might be the answer to your dream chest size. While the results of a breast enlarging cream may differ among women, based on their bodily response, experts have seen high-quality results from high-quality products that are a bit pricier.  

How does it work? According to product testers at Bustboosters.com, the products that have proven effective usually worked in a similar manner. Most breast enhancing creams consist of a proprietary formula that combines all-natural ingredients which help stimulate the growth of breast tissue. Among the ingredients contained in creams are the Fenugreek extract, which also triggers milk production in the mammary glands, Dong Quai extract, and Pueraria Mirifica extract.

Estrogen is the hormone responsible for breast development in puberty, as well as in temporary bust enlargement during menstruation or pregnancy. What all-natural quality creams do is support these hormonal changes that are directly related to breast development. A number of the ingredients have been helpful in treating symptoms of premenstrual syndrome, menstruation, and menopause for a long time.

In a user survey conducted by Bustboosters.com, readers chose Breast Actives as the best product because of its complete system approach. Apart from the topical cream, the brand offers a supplement pill that has to be taken every day for maximum results.

Naturaful comes in second, with a “one-step topical cream solution” that achieves the same results. High-quality natural ingredients created in the US make up the Naturaful product.


Of course, natural food supplements are not always effective, especially when they are not supported by proper physical movement. Exercise has proven to be an effective partner in many women’s pursuit of a beautiful body.

According to renowned fitness educator Shirley Archer of “Busting Out,” the breasts do not have their own supporting muscles. They rely on the muscular network of the chest and back to remain firm and perky. Therefore, she says, strengthening these muscles and stretching out your back and shoulders help support the weight and eventually increase the size of your bosom.

These three breast workouts from fitness professional Michael George, author of “Body Express Makeover: Trim and Sculpt Your Body in Less than Six Weeks,” will help you achieve more shapely and fuller breasts. The exercises are made up of two sets with 15 repetitions, to be done three times a week.

  • Push-ups – Traditional push-ups are effective breast enhancers. You may do them on the floor or on the wall. When doing floor push-ups, you may support your body with your toes, or kneel while doing the exercise, if you find the first difficult. For wall push-ups, the same procedure applies.
  • Incline Dumbbell Chest Press – Lie flat on an incline bench with feet on the floor. With your arms at a 90-degree angle to your body, hold a two-pound dumbbell each in your hands at shoulder level and parallel to the floor. Then press the dumbbells above your head until their sides touch. Pause, and return to the first position.
  • Pec decks or Dumbbell Flyes – If you go to the gym regularly, you can find a pec deck machine at the gym. If using this, hold your arms at a 90-degree angle, then press your forearms together slowly. Gently return to starting position. If you’re not a member of any gym, you may do dumbbell flyes instead. Lie on a bench, hold a dumbbell in each hand. Stretch the arms upward to the ceiling, bending your elbows slightly. Open your arms to the side with elbows still bent, then bring them back together. Repeat.

Suction Bra

If you have no patience to wait for the results supplements and topical creams promise or the determination to sweat it out for beauty, this breast-enhancing device might be your best bet. Of the numerous devices on the market, the Brava Breast Enhancement and Shaping System (a.k.a. the ‘Brava Bra’) is the most popular.

The company’s site describes the Brava Starter System as “two semi-rigid domes with specially engineered silicone gel rims.” The brassiere comes with a minicomputer, the SmartBox, which regulates tension in the domes, and a sports bra to keep all components of the system in place.

Essentially, the Brava Bra is a suction cup-type of product that resembles a brassiere, which “suctions” the breast for a period of 10-12 hours per day during a 10-week period. As the cups continue to exert pressure over time, the breast tissue slowly expands.

A downside to the Brava Bra is the lack of conclusive information about its positive result. A study many years back found 30 out of 50 women participants satisfied with the use of the device, but subsequent studies and surveys gained mixed reviews from impartial experts and users. That is not to say, however, that the product is not effective. At the very least, it even has no health risks compared with the supplements and skin products. It’s also low-maintenance, works while you sleep, is gentle, and has permanent results.

Clothing and Makeup

Finally, when all else fails, there are always clothing and makeup to turn to. After all, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder. If you can’t actually have large breasts, you can make it look like you do.

You can choose from a range of undergarments or tops that give your bosom healthy exposure without looking fake. There are push-up underwire bras and soft brassieres with silicone gels that flatter your form.

Moreover, you can work on cleavage contouring with a little makeup skill and lots of confidence. Chicago makeup artist Zsofia Otvos suggests buying a bronzer with shimmer, which reflects the light and creates the illusion of a bigger breast based on your cleavage. She recommends Maybelline New York Expert Wear Stay True Bronzer, and the following steps:

  1. Apply moisturizer or body lotion on your cleavage to darken the bronzer and let it stick to your body.
  2. Apply the bronzer while looking in a mirror and not down on your cleavage. Use a fan brush to scatter the bronzer on the V shape on your chest, from the bottom going up. The darkest part should be at the point of the V.
  3. Using the fan brush, smear matte face powder darker than your natural skin tone at the edges of the V to “create low light.” These are the curves around your breasts. Instant cleavage in three steps!

You don’t have to “go under the knife” to have beautiful or beautiful-looking breasts. These five nonsurgical tips will help you achieve them.

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